Fat Tuna

We work daily with the freshest fish of the Azores sea


Our Fish

At Fat Tuna we ensure that we are selling a high-quality product to our customers and that we buy fresh fish daily at the fish market, which is carefully selected by us. Besides that, we have some direct sale contracts with vessels that guarantee us excelent fish. We also sell it frozen and our factory is fully prepared with the best equipment available to guarantee that the fish is as fresh as possible. The frozen fish is stored in a chamber at a constant temperature of -20ºC after deep-freezing in a tunnel at -45ºC.

The same way that the Portuguese created the “desalting the cod” technique, so that it wouldn’t lose its freshness from Norway to Portugal, the Japanese invented Ike Jime, which allowed the fish to always arrive fresh to the small villages of Japan, even being on board the vessel for more than a week.
This technique consists of the brain’s death of the fish, in its bleeding and destruction of the nervous system on board, packing it in a brine of ocean water and ice. This will be reflected in its freshness, durability and texture, since the lower the stress and the better handling the fish is subjected to, before and after its death, the better its quality will be. Here at Fat Tuna we have contracts with several vessels and go to the ocean with our partners, sharing with them this technique.

Our production team works with fish in the most diverse cuts, such as, loins and fillets with or without skin, steak, slices, scaled, among others. Like this, we can ensure that you will always receive the fish to your taste. All orders are vacuum packed and, in the doses/quantities you prefer, so that it can be stored fresh or frozen.

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